Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Intermission: Fun with Mods

I wasn't going to post again so soon, but it's a lazy, misty morning here on the Bay of Fundy and even though I'm going to check out the Hopewell Rocks at some point today, my tea is hot in my little teapot (with the lovely cozy crocheted by my cousin Susan) and I'm loathe to leave the Scamp.  But I will. Eventually.  I have rain boots and (several) rain coats, so I'm not worried about weather.

But I'm drinking my tea (Maritime Mist, naturally) at the dinette Dad and I built five years ago now and I realized as I'm sitting here that I haven't posted about the new things we did to the Scamp this year before I left.  

1.  Usually our projects are joint ones, but this time, Dad was solely responsible for making me new cupboard doors out of plywood to replace the dustboard ones.  Unfortunately, the wood we chose for the closet door is warped and the trip has only made it worse, so it doesn't come close to closing.  In transit, that's what the bungee cord is for.  Aesthetically, it's the same in here. But I feel much better with the solid nature of the wood.

2.  I've been trying for six years to find a utensil holder that will fit in the drawer above the fridge, with no luck.  Finally, I saw an idea on Pinterest (dangerous thing, that Pinterest) and made my own. Dad offered his opinion and what we did was cut spacers and glued them to the edges and long pieces for dividers.  This way, if I want to change the size of the sections, I can just take out one of the dividers. This might be my favorite thing this year.

Apparently I can't get this to rotate...
3.  This year, I also wanted to cut a hole in the fiberglass in the closet to be able to reach the space below my bottom shelf better--and this is also something I can't believe I lived without.  While the closet shelves themselves still remain my favorite thing in here, being able to store my crock pot, my heater, my electric kettle, my cast iron pans, and my big teapot all within easy reach, has been awesome.  

4.  Because I'm hauling food on this trip, where I really haven't before, I got into Dad's PVC stash again and cut several pieces of 2" PVC to hold my vinegars and oils upright--and so far, given the rough roads I've been on, not only have they not broken, they haven't moved.

5.  In the drawer under the bed, I have a plastic tub with my food in it, but my clothes are stored in four fabric bins from Target.  I can't believe that they fit perfectly in that remaining space, two across, two deep.  Having never needed to pack for more than a couple of days, this arrangement is working out fairly well.

6.  At some point, I'll mull over the idea of glamping, to determine if that's what I think I'm doing, but I do like that I brought my Soda Stream with me--not for the glamping, but because I'm cutting down on  waste and it's a whole lot cheaper to carbonate my own water than to keep buying twelve packs of club soda.  Also, I like that it doesn't require electricity to run.

7.  I have a new microwave, thanks to physics last summer tearing mine off its tie-downs and ending up on the floor.  It's sitting on top of my propane stove which I never use.  But I have a theory about propane (that gives me some distance from being afraid of it):  I'm already paying for electricity, so why would I pay for propane on top of it? Same goes for my furnace. I have a little electric heater which works perfectly in this small space and uses the electricity I'm already paying for.  But as I always travel with potatoes and onions for hoboes, I also travel with one of those fabric Spud Sacks, and I can toss a couple of potatoes in there and have nearly-instant baked potatoes, no matter what time I stop for the night.  (Someday I'll post about my Don't Leave Home Without list, which is slightly different for Scamping than it is for other kinds of travel).

But my new cooking apparatus this year is an induction cooktop. I've recently become OBSESSED with cast iron, after finding a Le Creuset skillet in the thrift store for $8.  Then I found a couple of Lodge pans.  And then a grill pan of a brand I don't recognize.  And so I became curious about induction, which doesn't throw off much heat, heats the pans instantly, and as a result, makes the whole cooktop idea safer for inside the Scamp cooking (which I don't do a lot of).  This one is an Aroma, which I bought at Target.  My pans include my Lodge skillet, a pot, and the grill pan. Last night, my fire was an exercise in futility, trying to get green wood to burn, and so I hauled out the cooktop and used it for the first time.  I reheated my hobo leftovers and used the grill pan to grill up the rest of the asparagus I bought in Quebec City.  

Well, things are starting to brighten up here, so I'm going to get moving towards Hopewell.  Expect a report on that soon!

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  1. Hi Karen,
    We enjoyed reading your recent posts on your scamping trip adventure! Cant wait for the next post. Have a good Thursday and safe travels!
    Jeff and Kim