Sunday, May 11, 2014

The Closet Update

Dad and I attempted the first of the work we're going to do on the Scamp (hopefully before the parentals and I take my niece for an over night later this week)--and cutting this hole in the closet is the only close work we have to do in the Scamp. Everything else we'll do in the shop.

The reality is that this is one of the ways that my dad and I work well together.  I have the vision and he cares about things like sixteenths of an inch.  Also, he doesn't trust me with his saws.  So, I roughed out where it would go, he measured it right and then took the Skil saw to it. 

What you see here is the shelving we built several years ago, with PVC supports on the sides and shelves that sit on the T joints.  When I built that, I built a shelf to sit on the wheel well and I cut a half circle in the shelf that sits above it so I could access it.  But I never used it because I didn't really have a use for it--and it was hard to get to.  So, since we're making new doors, I wanted to cut a larger hole in the closet so I could use that space.

It wasn't as simple as just cutting down the closet opening.  There's a thick ridge of fiberglass right below the existing bottom edge, for horizontal support.  So that's why there are two holes, rather than one big closet door opening.

Before (with the bottom shelf slightly raised)


The first cut


Done!  (With a view to the bottom of the PVC shelving system.)

Hooray, my big(ger) appliances fit perfectly!

I just put the crock pot, electric kettle, and the heater in there to see if they'd fit and they fit perfectly--and there's still quite a bit of space in front of them.  I'll take all that out tomorrow as I work on other things, but I'm so pleased all the big stuff fits in that cupboard!

A note:  when I was taking everything out of the Scamp, so it didn't get covered in fiberglass dust, I noticed that the bed cushions were wet.  Yup, I've still got a leak in one of my windows.  Not sure which one because I wasn't here when Minneapolis had that week of solid rain that turned my parents' backyard into a waterfall.  But I'm so annoyed.  I hope I can find the leak and fix it before I get on the road.  I"m so tired of these windows leaking.  It might be that next year, my savings account goes to getting new windows.  It's a 2002, so maybe the seals are just fatigued.  But for now, I'm annoyed.

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