Friday, May 23, 2014

Scamp Food: Practice Session

Time is getting short!  I'm leaving Minneapolis on Monday and aiming to spend two nights in Thunder Bay, Ontario to get my trip going.  Yesterday was a bit of a wash, as I had to take the Scamp to get the AC fixed, because the deluge of rain we had a few days ago turned my AC into a waterfall. I was not pleased.  So, they replaced a gasket and hopefully that solves the problem. But it does put me a bit behind the packing eight-ball.

I've been hunting thrift stores and such to get my Scamp kitchen together, because I've never been gone longer than a week.  So, tonight, with my parents as guinea pigs (mostly willing), I cooked dinner only using what I would have in the Scamp (though I did it in their kitchen.

I have this regular type of hot plate and I have my brother-in-law's sister's induction cooktop--and I love the idea of the induction in the camper--especially with my beloved cast iron.  So, tonight was an experiment of all that.

I made gnocchi with tomato sauce...

Club cast iron pot, heating to boil the gnocchi on the regular hot plate.

My Lodge skillet on Laurel's induction burner. It was like magic.

Everything I've read says how it heats up so quickly and it really does.  I think the cast iron slowed it down a bit, but not by much.

I took the pot of water off the hot plate, because it hadn't started to do anything and within a minute or two, it was already simmering, ready for the gnocchi.

I forgot to take a picture of the way it all turned out, but it went swimmingly.  I used my collapsible strainer to drain the gnocchi, like I'd have in the Scamp.  Mom, Dad, and I ate dinner outside on their deck--absolutely perfect night for it.

And then I wanted to try the 3-2-1 cake mixes I made yesterday.  I found the recipe on Pinterest and now's a perfect time to try it.  It's a box of angel food cake, one box of any cake flavor of your choosing, mix them together and then it's 3 T of mix, 2 T of water, and one minute in the microwave.  I ended up putting 1/4 c. into the baggies because it was easier than 3T and it still made 22 of them.  Tonight, we experimented, to see if a regular mug would work, if it'd need a soup kind of mug, and then I wanted to try out my brand new oatmeal/cake mug that I found the other day.

I love this little whisk.

Verdict in the regular mug:  awesome.

Soup mug worked just as well. It's a very spongy, light cake--and it's delicious.

Here's my new mug--perfect.

And the last fooding of the day was to make up the individual instant oatmeal packets--also a recipe I saw on Pinterest.  This made 30 individual packets. I put in some freeze dried fruit, so we'll see how that works.

30 packets is more than enough for my entire trip.

Too many to fit in a gallon bag!

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