Sunday, January 12, 2014

Long Time, No Post!

I'm still here!  It's the challenge of a blog like this, not to have anything to write about in the winter months, and to have no trails to report when I can't take the Scamp out.  I didn't get to go Scamping last summer (defending the dissertation, getting a job, moving, and going to Ireland), but I have high hopes for this summer!  I'm hoping for a trip to Nova Scotia--and if that doesn't happen, some trips closer to home.


  1. Karen, just found your blog.......what a long time to go without posts lol

    Hope things are going well.....lots can happen in a year.

    I have a blog and right now I'm staying put near Lake Havasu, Arizona......after awhile it's hard to think of things to post.

    Please check it out

  2. Welcome to the blog--and I look forward to yours! I didn't get to use the Scamp at all in 2013, with all that happened in a very short amount of time. But I hope to make up for it in 2014!

  3. Hi Karen,
    I've lurked off and on and saw on the Solo Forum that you're heading to Nova Scotia. A beautiful campground is down near Shelburne called "Islands."
    Also if you can get up to PEI, the PEI National Park is a must see.
    I'm a Casita owner and hope to get back to Nova Scotia and PEI in the future. I loved the trip I took back in '93.
    Good luck on getting away.

  4. Thanks, Rob! I'm definitely planning on PEI. Do you have any other suggestions?