Friday, July 6, 2012

Interior Redo, Finally!

So, last week I took my first real Scamping trip of the season (to Interstate State Park in Taylor's Falls, MN) and all the redecorating and such was done.  And it was awesome.  Only real trouble was that the heat and humidity was too much for the AC and it started to drip on the inside, so I was doubly thankful for the new vinyl floor (a wet carpet would have sucked, a lot).  So, here's the tour of the new interior!

Brand new floor, easy to clean up!

New front curtains!

The real purpose of the new bedspread, to keep kitty butt off my pillows.

And also, to provide Mr. Spine of Steel with a place to hide.

New bedspread and new curtains.  Loooove.

Nothing really new here, except for the new lamp.  
Next summer, I'm making new cupboard doors.

Closet door, closed.

Shelves are the same; new shoe holder thingies on the door.

Drawer is the same.

New little lamp is awesome ($5 at Goodwill); and the gray thing is a little vacuum ($5 at Goodwill), which helps keep the new vinyl floor clean.  Seriously awesome.

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