Friday, July 6, 2012

Adventures in Scamping: Interstate State Park, MN

This might be my only Scamping trip of the summer, so I went to Interstate State Park, in Taylor's Falls, MN.  It's in Chisago County, just north of the Cities, and it's where all my Swedish ancestors came from.  It was hot and muggy and I was glad for the AC in the Scamp, though the humidity seemed to be too much for it and it started to leak inside.  Oh, well.  Could have been worse.  

Unfortunately, the park was interesting geologically (glacial potholes), but boring visually.  Yup, it's a rock and a hole in it.  And I'm not usually so bored by geology.  So I went hunting gravestones.

Chisago Lake Lutheran Church in Center City.  Old, Swedish, and awesome.  This would be the ancestral church of my family.

Grave of my great-great-great grandparents, Lars and Ingre Thorsander, who immigrated to Chisago County in 1869.  I've been to these places and these stones before, but sometimes it's really nice to revisit.

My great-great grandparents, Albert and Josie Olson (Lars and Ingre's daughter).  They also lived at the house (below).  My grandmother has wonderful, fond stories of her grandparents.  And the story is that he was the sickly one, but she died first of a stroke (you'll see that their death years are the same); and he died a month later of a broken heart.

The house that Lars built when they got here, just north of Shafer.  It's a bed and breakfast now, no longer in our family, but if you get the chance, you should stay there!  Lois and Sally say that the ghost of my great-great-great grandmother Ingre still makes mischief there.

Stopped by Mecca, aka the Scamp factory in Backus, on the way home.  Can't get the front window to stop leaking, no matter what I've done, so they just popped it out and replaced the seal, easy peasy, 20 minutes.  But the best part of the whole experience was backing the Scamp into the garage, first try, and when I get out of the car, the guy who was helping me is just gaping at me.  I said I was worried I'd embarrass myself trying to back it in and he said that they get 40-50-60 year old guys in here who can't back theirs up as well.  I rode that bit of pride all the way home.  No, I'm not cocky about backing up my Scamp...


I have more pictures and more stories, but the fun of the whole thing was how many conversations about Scamping and solo camping I had in the park campground.  The campground manager wanted to know if Scamping was like getting an Apple and I said it was.  Cult-like status, a bit of feeling superior over every other camper, and once you go Scamp you never go back.

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