Monday, June 18, 2012

Let the Sewing Begin, Day 1!

I should probably wait until I have the whole shebang done, but I'll have to settle for updating.  Since I found my curtain fabric in the basement, I pulled out my mother's sewing machine and started on the curtains for the Scamp.  I got some good help from Maeve, who felt the need to inspect my work.  This is the "Wall of Drapes" I got at a garage sale last summer and there's more fabric here than I can measure.  It's a gorgeous dusty blue and there's a strip of brown on the bottom of it.

The first (and I think only) camping trip of the summer is happening this weekend (though I don't know where I'm going yet), so I need to get the curtains done, the inside and outside cleaned up, and then packed up.  

All the while, I still need to be reading like a maniac for my comps.  Still, it's a good distraction.

Maeve, inspecting.  "Measure twice, cut once!"

Maeve, pulling out my pins.  Twerp.

The second curtain is done!  (Apparently I didn't take a picture of the first successful blue curtain...) I think the material was a shower curtain, but I'm not sure about that.  But it's the same colors as the main fabric and it's a neat change in pattern.  (This is the front window.)

Maeve, hanging out on the bed cushions.

And the final project of the first day was taking the bedspread I got at Goodwill, cut it to fit the bed, then took the excess and sewed it to the top to create enough to cover the pillows.  I want to serge the rough edge, but that's going to have wait for my mother's expertise.