Monday, May 21, 2012

Spring Cleaning, With Help

This weekend, I finally got up enough nerve to get into the Scamp, brave whatever eight-legged creatures might still be lurking in there, and start to clean it up for the summer.  Daisy, my parents' six-month-old golden doodle was quite helpful.  So was Dad's shop vac.  The parentals were over at the Cabin for a few days after they moved out of their house, but they went back to DL on Saturday, because Daisy has a spa appointment today, puppy class tonight, and then she gets spayed tomorrow.  All eight legs will be back to the lake on Wednesday.

First step, naturally, was to get all the stuff out of there so I could vacuum. My bike traveled north in the Scamp, my zero gravity chair was still in there, and so all of it came out.  And no spiders showed themselves.  My mother commented, "It sure takes a whole lot less time to clean the Scamp than it does the Excel!"  (The Excel is their 33' fifth wheel.)  Lots of dead Asian beetles and flies in there, the first step towards cleaning it.  Getting the big stuff off the top so I can take some bleach or whatever to the surfaces.  The bedding and such is all clean and ready to go, but I'm not making the bed or anything till everything is clean.  Also, I have a sneaking suspicion that I need to clean out the channels in the windows so they'll drain, otherwise I'll be back to the familiarity of leaky windows--and I solved that problem two years ago.

But once I got the vacuuming done, I wasn't ready to quit.  I decided to take the vinyl flooring that I'd used a few years ago to cover the floor of the dinette and cover the main floor of the Scamp with it--much easier to clean.  It took me a while to get it cut to size (and various muscles are still complaining...) and on one of these trips to town, I'll get what I need to secure it, permanently, to the floor.  Looks really nice, though.  I also took the plastic over-the-door shoe holder that I'd been saving for a while, cut it to fit, and then staple-gunned it to the back of various closet doors.  I know I should have painted the backs of the doors before I did it, but I have a dream of replacing those particle board doors with plywood before too long.  Maybe I'll let Dad break in his new shop once he gets to Minneapolis.

The irritating news of the weekend--and maybe of the whole Scamping season--is that the material I bought last summer and saved to make curtains for the Scamp this summer is buried somewhere in the packed storage unit that is my parents' house.  And they don't close on their new house till the end of June, probably don't move in till the middle of July.  I'm so disappointed and irritated (it's my own fault, but I thought it was all at the Cabin, with the rest of the bedding)--but the good news is that the old curtains are accessible, in with the rest of the bedding.  Sigh.  Guess it's going to have to wait till next summer.


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