Tuesday, May 29, 2012

New Floor!

It's been rainy, rainy, rainy the last week Up North, but there are worse things than being damp on 3rd Crow Wing, staring out the picture window.  We got our first pileated woodpecker a couple of days ago and that was exciting.

The parentals spent a few days with me and yesterday, Dad and I finished up the new floor in the Scamp. It's just vinyl (the same that's on the dinette floor) and we used brass-colored trim to anchor it to the floor.  I didn't tear up the carpet.  For some reason, I have an aversion to doing things that can't be reversed later.

We established two rules when we started:  Rule 1, no blood.  Rule 2, we need to still be speaking to each other at the end.  Dad didn't break Rule 1 till the end...  And the sad things was that cutting the trim to size was really a one-person job and I don't trust me with the Dremel.  So while Dad was cutting trim, I was working on cleaning out the window drains, which were clogged with the dirt and dust and bug parts that it accumulated after being outside for the winter.  (I thought it was supposed to be inside--if I'd have known it would be outside, I would have covered it in a tarp...)  I think I mostly got it to work, but I guess we'll see.  Next step in the whole process is to shop vac things again, take a bucket of soapy water to the surfaces and interiors, then make the bed and put up the curtains.  Then take a bucket of soapy water to the exterior and get it all pretty.

So here's the pics of the floor project:

Daisy, supervising.  (She got spayed last week, hence the cone.)

Daddy and Dremel

Air ratchet!

Bird's Eye view of the new floor.

Under the dead space under the dinette.

Inside the door.

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