Sunday, June 13, 2010

Road Construction Game

When my family went camping when my sisters and I were young, our parents had contests between themselves who could hit the most road construction (extra points were added for delays) and who could drive the steepest grade. These were not skill-based contests, but rather they were based on who was driving at the time. I don't remember who holds the road construction points record (I don't actually think there were literal points awarded), but Dad holds the grade record (20% grade, Mount Moriah Cemetery, Deadwood, South Dakota). But as I'm now the driver (I don't trust the cats behind the wheel), I think there should definitely be points.

The Rules: Each day is its own. Points accumulate over a day's time and are recorded to be set against the next days' points. Points can be awarded to both the driver or the passenger(s), depending on the item. A notebook for the running totals, kept in the console or glovebox, prevents cheating.

The Points:

1. "Road Work Ahead" sign: 5 points.

2. Speed limit decrease: add 5 points for each 10 mph. (From 65 mph to 35 mph = 15 points)

3. Multiply #2 by 2 if the vehicle comes to a complete stop, due to traffic or construction. (To that total, multiply by 2, again, for every ten minutes the vehicle stays stopped.)

4. Three lanes of traffic (or more) narrow to one lane: 10 points

5. Lanes narrow to two-way traffic: 20 points.

6. Lanes narrow to one lane, with flagger: 50 points.

7. Crossing to other side of the freeway: 30 points. (Add 10 points if the other side of the freeway is torn up to dirt.)

8. For each cop car you see with its lights on: 5 points.

9. For each cop car you see withOUT its lights on: 15 points.

10. Get caught speeding: lose all points, subtract 100 points.

11. For difficult weather (must be mutually agreed upon by driver and passengers; could be rain, wind, etc): add 10 points.

12. If towing something: add 10 points.

More will be added to this game, as I think of things.

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