Sunday, May 16, 2010

New Adventures in Small Space Living

I never realized how difficult it is to post from the road. And this trip, I was even horrible in writing in my camping journal. The last week, in Lincoln, was good and successful, but I got home last night (it's a twelve-hour drive from Lincoln to BG) and I was in that stage that's beyond exhaustion. It's what happens when you're required to be assertive and social for a week, when that's not your natural state--and then you drive twelve hours at the end of it. But there is much good news:

First, Mom and I survived the Scamp. As I suspected, my mother's saintlike tendencies saved us more than once. Especially concerning the furballs, who seemed to think that the only place to get up onto the couch/bed where she was sleeping was up by her head. I don't think I know anybody else who would have endured that without a single complaint. But on the sleeping front, she did really well up there (or so she told me) and I think it'll work again in the future, should I need it. I don't think I'll need that bed very often, but having the option is nice.

Second, I found a place to live and in doing so, I sacrificed pretty much everything on my Want list, but I seem to be okay with it for now. I can't believe that I'm going to be living in a 300 sq ft studio for the next while, but I'm trying to concentrate on the good things. Cheap rent (and cheaper to heat and cool). Hardwood floors. Nine foot ceilings. I can paint the walls if I want (which I might, even if I only live there a couple months, because it's currently painted a hideous shade of blue--and I even like blue...) Gorgeous tile-work in the bathroom (even though it doesn't have a bathtub, which is a drawback). Walking distance to school (which means I don't have to pay a fortune to park AND it'll be good for my figure). The kitchen is nice, but it's not made for a cook (which I am). I'm already mourning the loss of my washer and dryer and I'm harboring the hope that someday, someday, I'll be able to have a washer and dryer of my own again. The good news is that I can move between apartments as they come available, so I'm hoping to make do with the studio for a couple of months until the apartment I would be happier in comes available (maybe January). It's a one-bedroom and it's laid out better than some of the other apartments I could move into.

But this also means that a lot of what's in my two-bedroom apartment right now will NOT fit in my new place, so I'm going to buy some different colors of duct tape tomorrow to label that which is going to Lincoln and that which will go up north with Dad until I have space for it. I've never lived in a studio before, but I think as long as I keep thinking "dorm room," rather than "house," I'll have a better time trying to get things in there. All the books will be going in there, because I can't survive without my books. All my Mason jars and canning stuff will be going north, which hurts, but I can survive (maybe) without canned food for the winter. We'll see, I guess. But the bottom line is that I like the Scamp, so my love of small spaces should translate here. It's just going to take a different way of thinking and I'm okay with that.

The other sacrifice I had to make was the Scamp itself. As I mentioned before, it's going up north to stay at my grandparents' for the next few years and the camping I do will be up north. Could be worse. But I did leave it in Lincoln for the next week, parked in my very nice landlord's off-street parking space, and I was surprised how much it felt like I was leaving my child for the first time with a babysitter who wasn't a relative.

So, I've got eight days left in BG and I don't like that I'm down to single-digits. But Dad had sent down a zillion boxes with Mom, who transferred them to my Jeep, and I should have enough boxes now to pack up the rest of my stuff. Whew. Almost there.

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